Monday, October 24, 2011

Gears of War 3 - Clayton Fan Art

So the Gears of War games has been one of my favorite gaming series for the last 6 years. The 3rd one was recently released last month. So I decided to do some fan art. I did this piece from a 3d render I found online. The biggest change I made from the 3d image was designing out the anatomy more. I have been studying my anatomy a lot lately, so I wanted to practice it on this piece. The character I drew here is Clayton Carmine, the 3rd Carmine in the series. Each game features a new Carmine, in the ABC order. The first one was Anthony, second was Benjamin, and the third Clayton. The image is graphite on bristol paper.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Figure Drawing From Last Term

Figure drawing that I did last semester at Watts Atelier. This is one of those drawing sessions you wish you had more than 3 hours to finish a drawing. You can see every muscle on the model its hard not to want to draw everything. Models like this are always fun to draw too, especially when you have been studying anatomy for awhile. Basically I just ended up with a nice torso study that I am happy with. If I remember correctly I spent the first 3 sittings on just a linear lay-in. Also, I am not sure how the fore arm got so long, when I got home that night I noticed how long it was and it looked so comical that I laughed.