Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wonder Woman Chobot!

Well here is a new Jessica Chobot drawing I just finished. Back in July at San Diego Comic Con, Jessica Chobot, Sara Underwood and Candace Bailey were all doing a signing for G4TV. I did not realize the 3 of them would be there, I had my drawings of Sara and Candace with me. I showed them my drawings and they loved them, but felt bad I didn't have one of Jessica Chobot, being that she was the reason I did any of these drawings in the first place. I did a drawing of her as Commander Sheppard from Mass Effect awhile back, she retweeted it. Thus I started art work of people on twitter and getting them to retweet my art. Still haven't had any luck of getting Ochocinco to retweet the painting I did of him... I did get Candace to sign my drawing at Comic Con, so I hope this year I will be able to get Chobot to sign this drawing!