Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dreamer Preliminary Sketches

Preliminary work I did for the Dreamer illustration. A bunch of thumb sketches and the final drawing. I also used a ton of tracing paper to help me make the poses more dynamic. The guy I did the illustration for had a specific idea in mind and he gave me a rough sketch of what he wanted. His idea was basically the first thumb I did but more zoomed out, which would not have worked because of the horizontal composition. So we agreed on thumb sketch 4. As I was looking for reference, I came across a piece that was quite inspiring and I thought it would work well for this illustration, so I did a couple more sketches and sent them over. He liked the new sketches but wanted the character sitting underneath a tree, so I did 2 more sketches and the first sketch is what we went with.

Zoo And Padres Sketches

Well I feel like its been over a year, but I finally got a zoo sketch that I feel is of the quality of my older zoo sketches. Lucky for me the komodo dragon was very cooperative. I wish the other animals were as cooperative, every time I went to draw one they would move. Here are also some sketches I did at some Padres baseball games awhile back.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I just finished this illustration on Monday, it a title illustration for an RPG coming out shortly called "Dreamer" for the PC, done in oil. This was the most complicated, difficult piece I have ever done, but what I learned from it was quite invaluable. I don't even know how to explain it. Even though this piece was so difficult, it also turned out to be the best piece I have ever done and a lot of fun. The great thing about being an artist, is always being challenged and always having to push yourself harder and the reward you get for doing it, and finding out what new things you have learned. Probably in a week or so I am going to return to this painting and do some touch ups here and there on it, I am real happy with how it turned out and want to make it that much better. No matter how far you get in go in art, there is always so much further to go!