Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Frank Underwood

I have been slowly getting back into painting. Here is a painting I did of Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood from House of Cards. The show has been great, I just watched the last episode of season 2 a couple days ago. Frank is a very interesting character, and this painting sits next to my painting of Tywin Lannister on my mantle. I decided to do a painting of him as a warm up before I tackle more complicated paintings. I am happy with how the painting turned out for not painting in over 6 months, it is a little rough around the edges. This was done in Zorn palette, so just 4 colors were used to paint it.


Christina said...

Hello! Your work is beautiful. Do you do commissions? Please let me know, very interested!

Matt said...

Hi Christina, sorry for the late response, just saw this comment. I am open to commissions, send me an email at and I will let you know.