Sunday, March 9, 2014

Long Figure Drawing

New long figure drawing that I recently finished. Really happy with the way this turned out. I feel like each times I do a new long figure drawing, it's better than the last one. I am still proud of the last one I did, the guy with the huge beard. I submitted it to the ARC Salon, so I am hoping it gets in. These long drawings are fun to do, even though they take a long time to do and can be very tedious, but its a great way to focus on edges and anatomy, both literal and exaggerated. 


Maxnix said...

Great work! As a model I know how long these take.I once sat for Jacob Collins for two weeks for one pose..~ Bruce

Matt said...

Thanks Bruce! The model who posed for this was great. The drawing was 15 hours from life, and then finished from a photo, which was probably another 25-30 hours. Jacob Collins is awesome!