Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two New Dog Portraits

New dog portraits I recently finished. The top one is named Mr. Darcy, my friends new puppy, super soft and fluffy, and awesome. The 2nd dog is named Sam, a friends dog from their childhood. I had to do this drawing from an old and small photograph. The photo was scanned and blown up, but not a lot of details to work worth. I had to fight hard for my edges and figuring out the shapes and details. I am quite happy with the end result with what I had to work with and what I turned it into!


Barb said...

Hi Matt - love your work!! You really capture the personality of the animals - and the details are wonderful!
Just noticed you use Etsy? Do you find it brings customers? I have an account and want to give it a try - thanks!

Matt said...

Thanks Barb! I have not gotten any customers from Etsy yet. I have the people that have contacted me for portraits to pay for it through Etsy. I do hope to reach new customers off there though.