Monday, March 7, 2011


I havent posted in a few weeks mainly due to the fact that I have been in a drawing rut. I feel like I cant draw well and the last several life drawings I have done I have not been happy with. I haven't done any anatomy studies in some time, so I thought I should do some and finally update my blog. I do have some life paintings that need to be posted as soon as I get the chance to photograph them I will do it. I probably should shave my face too, I haven't done that in awhile as well, maybe that's why I feel like I cant draw lately, cant focus cause of the itch.


XenoX said...
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XenoX said...

Sorry about the last comment, forgot to add my site's addy:
Check it out, compare notes. :D

You have some sick stuff on your site!! I'll check some more later when I get the chance.

Keep drawing!

Matt said...

Thanks XenoX! Keep up the good work!