Monday, February 7, 2011

Costume Figure Drawing and Anatomy Study

Costume figure drawing I did on Friday at Watts Atelier. I spent the whole 3 hours trying to figure out the forms and structure of the drapery. Right now rendering is not a huge concern for me, but learning how to analyze what is going on in the figure and trying to draw it 3 dimensionally with just line is. Rendering can often be a crutch in an attempt to make your drawing look better when in actuality it doesn't. The drapery was very difficult to capture, while I like what I did here, following the folds was tough, especially since they changed substantially after each sitting.

2 comments: said...

You are really talented! I am taking a Figure Studies class right now and I can sure appreciate your natural gift more now, great job, keep using your gift!

Matt said...

Thanks Isabelle! But its less a gift and more the fact that I work really hard and have really good teachers to be around. Anyone can get as good as me!