Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mass Effect 3 - Commander Jessica Sheppard

BioWare recently announced Mass Effect 3. Now I am a big fan of the Mass Effect series, definitely one of my top favorite games. Even though the game doesn't come out until next holiday season, I decided to do a drawing Commander Sheppard to get in the mood. I am also a fan of Jessica Chobot, host at IGN, and she is also a big Mass Effect fan as well. So I decided to draw Commander Sheppard as Commander Jessica Sheppard. For those that don't know Mass Effect you can create your own "Commander Sheppard" you don't have to play as the one you see on commercials and other videos. I don't know if I capture her likeness as well as I wanted, but I still like the drawing.

Here is a painting of Thane and Grunt from the series I did as well, I posted them awhile ago on my blog, thought I would re-post them again in the spirit of ME3. I will probably do another painting of one of the characters sometime shortly after I get some other work out of the way. Maybe one of Legion?


Nexus_ said...

Legion one would be awesome, puh-lease do one, ok?

Nice work btw ;)

Ben said...

Love it Matty, keep up the good work dude. (It's Ben btw, if no name comes up to identify me)

Matt said...

Thanks guys! Hope school is going well for you Ben.