Friday, October 8, 2010

Sea Shell Painting - Zorn Palette

Small painting I did the other day. Got 2 more paintings to post but they are wet still. I don't think I have mentioned this yet, but I do most of my still life paintings and many of my portrait paintings in Zorn Palette. The Zorn Palette comes from the artist Anders Zorn. It consists of Ivory Black, Titanium White, Yellow Ocre, and Cad Red Light. You can also use Blue Black in place of Ivory Black. Sometimes I have both blacks out, I like the blues I can get with Blue Black, but I also like the warmer dark's I can get with Ivory Black. For this painting I used just the Blue Black. Anyways the reason I like to use this palette is because for me I just focus on value and warm or cool. With only 4 colors, you will not be able to color match, you will only get within range, but it is still amazing what you can do with only 4 pigments. I also feel like working this way has helped me see color better, so when I have to use more pigments, I have an easier time figuring out what I have to mix and make my judgments more on warmth and value rather than a specific color.

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